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Gin Ferdinando and Amaro 1904 plunge their roots in the De Cinque family tradition and re-propose ancient recipes of Ferdinando, a relative of the producers of Bad Spirits.

Ferdinando De Cinque, lawyer, deputy and scholar of literature, was born in Casoli (Italy) in 1876 from a prominent family of notaries.

Continuous games and experiments have accompanied the life of Ferdinando, a multifaceted man with a constant passion for studying, who has never stopped observing nature with wonder.

In the early 1900s he began to put his knowledge on botanicals into practice, experimenting with new combinations and flavours.

In 1904, he refined the final recipe for his amaro.

There are dozens of sheets written by Ferdinando in search of the perfect balance for his amaro, all dated between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century: annotations of ideas, corrections and tests on which plants, herbs and flowers to use, comments on the various results and the awareness of being able to always improve.

As for his gin, Ferdinando never revealed the formula of his amaro.

The label features a futurist design using pastel shades which were very much in fashion at the time but with a modern twist; the soft touch effect completes the tasting by involving all the senses.

With its amber colour achieves a complex and harmonious balance of orange citrus, spicy hints of cinnamon and cloves, and finally fresh notes of mint and liquorice.

But the real star of this botanical performance is chamomile, a small flower capable of infusing depth and aroma to the liqueur.

Amaro 1904 is an exceptional digestive, drunk straight with or without ice, but it is also perfectly suited to the preparation of cocktails.


Tasting notes: herbaceous and delicate

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 29%vol.

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