Our History

Andrea De Cinque and his son Alessandro founded their liquor factory in October 2015 in Bologna: the passion of both for the world of beverages and Andrea’s thirty years of experience in this sector are the key to creating a series of high quality artisan liquors.

In the following years the company grew, transformed and expanded, and decided to renew itself, modernising bottles and labels with a unique identity.

Our products are unpredictable: liquors born from ancient recipes of over a century, modern liquors but full of feelings for their origins, and also liquors resulting from unexpected but brilliant mistakes.

The rediscovery of the cultural heritage of the great-grandfather Ferdinando de Cinque (1876 – 1950) has brought to light an intellectual patrimony of inestimable value and of incredible relevance: hundreds of notes and formulas, all still to be studied, which will be able to give us surprises in this near future.

The company is in continuous development and its products are increasingly known, also winning many awards throughout Italy.

Today Bad Spirits boasts unique products on the market and it has never given up on giving importance to quality and making it its strong point, using only excellent raw materials.

Grain alcohol, specifically wheat and rye, used as a base for all products, is an essential aid in completely reducing the alcoholic aftertaste and giving a soft consistency to each liquor.

Finally, all the aromas used are totally natural and allergen-free.

Bad Spirits Company